Smart sensor toilet solution

Smart sensor toilet solutionCases of ready-made smart sensor toilet solutions: 1. Buttocks washing: The special nozzle for buttocks washing sprays warm water to fully wash the buttocks;2. Women’s wash

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Smart sensor toilet solution

Cases of ready-made smart sensor toilet solutions:

Smart sensor toilet solution


1. Buttocks washing: The special nozzle for buttocks washing sprays warm water to fully wash the buttocks;

2. Women’s washing: designed for women’s daily hygiene, warm water is sprayed from a female nozzle, carefully cleaned to prevent bacterial infection; automatic sensor module, automatic sensor module

3. Adjustment of the washing position: the user does not need to move the body, and the washing position can be adjusted forwards and backwards according to the body shape;

4. Mobile cleaning: When cleaning, the nozzle moves back and forth to expand the cleaning range and enhance the cleaning effect;

5. Massage: There are rhythmic changes in the pressure of the washing water, which has a massage effect and promotes blood circulation;

6. Warm toilet seat: computer control keeps the toilet seat at a certain temperature, even in cold winter, you will feel warm and comfortable;

7. Temperature adjustment: the water temperature, seat temperature and wind temperature can be adjusted according to the user's personal preference;

8. Warm air drying: Blow out comfortable warm air to make the washed buttocks dry and refreshing; use PWM method to control the temperature to provide 4 levels of warm air temperature

9. Automatic deodorization: cold catalyst is used to treat peculiar smell, remove peculiar smell and purify the air;

10. Toilet seat cushioning: Use physical damping methods to make the toilet cover and seat ring fall slowly to avoid impact;

11. Automatic induction: before the human body is sensed, the washing and drying functions are locked to avoid false triggering;

12. Automatic flushing: After the user leaves, the toilet seat will automatically be flushed with water;

13. The nozzle is self-cleaning: when the nozzle is extended or retracted, it will automatically spray a small stream of water to clean the nozzle;

14. Power saving function: According to the time of use, the computer controls the warm water and the toilet seat heating to achieve the purpose of power saving;

15. Wireless remote control: use the remote control to easily operate each function;

16. Safety protection: adopt a variety of safety protection measures for the power supply and heating parts of the machine to completely eliminate potential safety hazards. The use of three-plug ground leakage protection power cord can effectively prevent damage caused by leakage.

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