Leather car wireless charger

Leather car wireless chargerProduct model: N5Applicable form of charger: wireless chargingColour: BlackApplicable models: Apple/Samsung/Nokia/Huawei/Xiaomi/LG/HTC and other modelsProduct description:

  • Model: Leather car wireless charger

Leather car wireless charger

Product model: N5

Applicable form of charger: wireless charging

Colour: Black

Applicable models: Apple/Samsung/Nokia/Huawei/Xiaomi/LG/HTC and other models

Product description: The overall shape is T-shaped, with high appearance and design. As a one-handed holding device, it is compatible with mobile phones with 4 to 6 inch screens. The original PCBA and coil separation patented technology is also used, and the circuit normally placed in the charging board is cleverly moved into the USB, which minimizes the temperature rise and provides protection for product safety, service life and charging power. It not only allows car owners to easily charge their mobile phones with one-handed operation, but also has the advantages of low charging temperature, support for Samsung and Apple fast charging, and high appearance. The performance and practicability are all complete. It is a good product that significantly improves the charging experience in the car and improves the quality of life.