DC motor (motor) 3V/5V/12V/24V/36V/48V control board solution

DC motor (motor) 3V/5V/12V/24V/36V/48V control board solution产品说明: Can be customized according to user requirements: design, development and production of various DC motors, DC motors, brushless motor

  • Model: DC motor (motor) 3V/5V/12V/24V/36V/48V control board solution
DC motor (motor) 3V/5V/12V/24V/36V/48V control board solution


Can be customized according to user requirements: design, development and production of various DC motors, DC motors, brushless motors, stepper motors, speed-regulating motors, geared motors, micro motors, motor drive boards and matching motor controllers, intelligent motor control (Including: wired motor control, button LCD man-machine exchange motor controller, wireless remote motor control, WIFI wireless machine control, Bluetooth wireless motor control, GSM remote motor control, APP wireless motor control, etc.).


Introduction of DC motor characteristics:

1. High-performance DC motor, with long life, low power consumption, low noise, wide range of speed control balance, reliable operation, no interference, start-up rotation

      Features such as large moments.

2. Widely used in automation equipment, home appliances, medical equipment, winding machines, handicrafts, toys, massage fitness equipment and other fields.

3. Perfect fault detection and alarm function, real-time detection of load speed, load current, control signal, feedback signal loss and other parameters.

4. With digital constant speed constant current function and current limit speed limit function, accurate control of the load, overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature abnormal protection and emergency stop function.


DC motor 3V/5V/12V/24V/36V/48V control board product PCBA solution: (design/production/customization of various types of DC motor control board PCBA)




  This product has two major functions, which can basically meet the requirements of motor operation, and can also be customized if other requirements are required;

  The function mode can be set freely by customers, and the last set function and time will be automatically memorized when the power is turned off, which is convenient to use.


【Function 1: P——1】

  ☆ Give signal 1, the motor rotates forward, after delay time X, it will stop automatically.

  ☆ Give signal 2, the motor reverses, after the delay time X, it stops automatically.

  ☆ During the delay period, trigger again can be set freely:

  ☆ A: Triggering again is invalid;

  ☆ B: Trigger again to re-timing;

  ☆ C: Trigger the reset timer again and the motor will stop immediately.

  ☆ If the delay time is set to 0;

  ☆ Give signal 1, the motor rotates forward and keeps rotating;

  ☆ Give signal 2, the motor reverses and keeps reverse.


【Function 2: P——2】

  ☆ No signal terminal is required, and the motor will automatically rotate forward and reverse when energized;

  ☆ Specific working methods: forward X (seconds, minutes)-stop Y (seconds, minutes)-reverse X (seconds, minutes)...Cyclic work...Cyclic work;

  ☆ Specific working methods: forward X (seconds, minutes)-reverse X (seconds, minutes)-forward X (seconds, minutes)-reverse X (seconds,

     Minutes)... cyclic work;

  ☆ Adjust the delay time range: 0.1 second is 99.9 seconds, 1 second to 999 seconds, 1 minute to 999 minutes, customers can adjust it at will.


[Detailed product parameters]:

1. Size: 83mm*46mm*27mm.

2. Output capacity: DC motor within DC 12V10A.

3. Working voltage: DC 12V, if other power supply voltage is needed, please contact customer service for customization.

4. Quiescent current: 20mA Working current: 50mA.

5. Signal terminal: low level trigger, can be connected to NPN sensor, proximity switch, button, button switch, etc.

6. The set parameters can be memorized forever after power off, and the input and output are isolated by optocoupler to enhance the anti-interference ability.

7. The wire terminals all use KF7.62 terminal blocks, and the large terminals are crimped with screws for easy wiring.

8. The road board is divided into front and back sides, the front is mainly SMD components, digital tubes and buttons. The back is a relay and a terminal, which is convenient for customers

      Install the panel.


Stepper motor driver board:



Performance characteristics:

  ☆ Output current: half current (1.5A), full current (3A);

  ☆ H-bridge bipolar drive, constant current PWM control, full step, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16 subdivision;

  ☆ The signal input terminal uses common sunlight electrical isolation (new original 6N317 high-speed optical lotus, faster than 4N series);

  ☆ The half-current control circuit is triggered by the rising edge of the monostable state, and the level-triggered half-current control circuit is prevented from being triggered by mistake or even burned due to improper setting

     The situation happened;

  ☆ Normal heat dissipation method can work stably at 3A current (can drive two-phase 57, 86 motors within 3A);

  ☆ Add 5V power conversion device, no need to input control power separately; ☆ Automatic overheat protection;

  ☆ The control signal input terminal adopts high-speed optical coupling (6N137) isolation to ensure high-speed signal transmission and effectively prevent the expansion of faults;

  ☆ Anti-reverse diode and current limiting tube protection devices are added to the power input terminal;

  ☆ Innovatively add a pulse counting indicator. When the driver receives a pulse that is an integer multiple of the subdivision number *4, the indicator will light. This is for debugging

     Great convenience

  ☆ Use surface mount devices with higher reliability to improve product reliability.