Development of automatic advertising bill issuing machine program

Introduction:The automatic advertisement list issuing machine is a kind of equipment that realizes the mechanical distribution of advertisement lists. As a carrier of advertisement, the advertisement

  • Model: Development of automatic advertising bill issuing machine program


The automatic advertisement list issuing machine is a kind of equipment that realizes the mechanical distribution of advertisement lists. As a carrier of advertisement, the advertisement list can directly display its advertising content to people. It has strong publicity, comprehensive publicity content, low cost, and advertising effect. obvious. It is an advertisement that can be watched repeatedly. However, there is a problem with the way of distributing advertisements. At present, most companies use hired personnel to distribute, but the cost is high and the effect of distributing is not easy to control. The use of machinery to issue advertisements will become a future development trend.

Detailed introduction:

The automatic advertising bill issuing machine can fill more than 5,000 advertising bills at a time. The machine sends the advertising bills out of the machine shell. People can easily draw them out. Then the machine will automatically send out the next advertising bill. For the next extraction, reciprocating cycle, so that people can easily get the advertising leaflets

1. Product composition The automatic advertising bill issuing machine mainly consists of metal or plastic shell parts, internal machinery and circuits, upper information board part, top solar panel part, and bottom machine base. The signal sent back by the sensors of various parts is controlled by the single-chip microcomputer.

2. Product function 1. It can replace manual issuance of advertising bills 2. The upper information board can be used as a billboard or bus stop board, etc., with a light source inside 3. The lower part can be pasted with advertising content 4. The machine has a time display function 5 .The machine can store audio, which can inform the content of the machine, or thank people for pulling out the voice content such as advertisement.

3. Product Specifications At present, our products include automatic distribution machines for large, medium and small advertisements. The mainframe is a combined multi-export automatic distribution machine. Medium-sized machines are generally outdoor, and small machines can be hung on the wall. The medium-sized machine is powered by a solar power supply system. There are two types of small machines, one is the conventional grid-powered style, and the other is the non-energy type, that is, the automatic issuance of advertising bills can be realized without power supply.

4. Product application mode The main application occasions of the automatic issuance machine for advertising bills are bus stations, railway stations, passenger stations, shopping malls, schools, government departments, etc., mainly to automatically issue paper bills, notices, and information releases without manual Wait. For example, the automatic issuing machine for advertising bills is purchased by an advertising company and can be placed in a public place with a large number of people and traffic. Earn advertising costs by publishing advertisements. It can also be used to rent machines for shops and other groups, which can be rented out to them on a daily basis, and then they can place them in places near their own stores to issue advertisements.

5. Product Features Features and social functions of the automatic advertising bill issuing machine. 1. The machine has a protective design and can be placed in public places to minimize damage. 2. The machine is placed outdoors to test the power supply of the installation. It uses a solar power system and does not require an external power supply, which can provide convenience for installation. 3. Mechanical structure and circuit The design is simple and practical, and the performance is stable, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment and reduce the failure rate. 4. It provides people with a convenient and quick way to obtain the advertisement list, that is, the advertisement list can be obtained by extracting the exposed advertisement list, thereby reducing people It takes time to obtain the advertising bill and simplifies the operation steps. 5. Plays a role in the continuation of the advertising effect for the traditional advertising form. 6. Makes the advertising media such as advertising bills regular and standardized, and protects to a certain extent The role of urban environment 6. The social benefits of products can play a role in regulating the distribution of advertising bills for the society, and can suppress urban environmental problems caused by the random distribution of advertising bills. For advertising companies to purchase our automatic billing machine, it can increase The continuity of advertising content and giving them a new advertising platform will enable advertising companies to increase their advertising costs, or to improve other forms of advertising without an increase or a small increase. Competitiveness, through a brand-new advertising information release platform, it can also increase some profit channels. At present, it has developed a series of products and a purely mechanical automatic advertising bill issuing machine