Classification and working principle of electronic cigarette

2020-12-15 11:42:54

The atomizer can be regarded as the core component of e-cigarettes, and almost all other components serve it. For example, batteries provide power, switches, chips and other components control switches and safety protections. Therefore, for e-cigarette players, choosing a suitable atomizer is extremely important. So, as a novice player, how much do you know about atomizers? The editor of Shenzhen Fandou Technology Co., Ltd. Solution Development Division will answer for you:

1. Classification of atomizers:

  A. Finished atomizer sub ohm tank

B. RBA atomizer (Rebuild atomizer) According to the different ways of dripping, it can be divided into

①RTA(Rebuild tank atomizer)

②RDA(Rebuild drip atomizer)

③RDTA(Rebuild drip tank atomizer)

Classification and working principle of electronic cigarette

In fact, the classification of atomizers is more than that. The most common way to distinguish is based on the difference in oil storage methods, which can be divided into: oil storage type and drip oil type. The oil storage type can also be configured individually according to the individual needs of the user, that is to say, configured by the user, which is what we often call the RBA type. The drip type can be divided into the above RTA, RDA, and RDTA types according to the different structure and usage methods. There are many ways to play, but due to the relatively difficult design and installation, the price is also much more expensive.

2. The working principle of the atomizer: In fact, in general, the working principle of all atomizers is the same. Simply put, it is a way to generate mist by evaporating the smoke oil adsorbed on the oil-conducting cotton with a heating wire , But the details are different. For example, the selection of heating wire materials such as ceramic core, stainless steel, nickel, and titanium. Below, we introduce the drop oil atomizer in detail: RTA atomizer is generally composed of drip nozzle, top cover, atomization cabin, oil tank and electrode base. The RDA atomizer is generally composed of a drip nozzle, an atomization chamber top cover, an atomization chamber, and an electrode base. RDTA atomizer is generally composed of drip nozzle, top cover of atomization cabin, atomization cabin, electrode table and bottom oil tank.

Classification and working principle of electronic cigarette

3. Some common sense about atomizer selection: Generally speaking, the mouth-feeling atomizer is long and narrow, because it does not require too much air, the air inlet is relatively small, so it looks relatively small. Of course, because the air inlet is small, it will produce a strong suction resistance, which is not suitable for lung inhalation; while the large smoke type airway is thick and segmented, and the oil storage bin and the air inlet are relatively large to facilitate smoke and The air mixes quickly and can quickly take away the mist and temperature generated by the high temperature. Of course, it is also more suitable for lung suction. Purchase suggestion:

For cigarette players, we are more inclined to recommend the taste type, that is, those relatively compact types. Of course, for beginners, the finished atomizer is more suitable; for players who play cigarettes, Said that the big smoke is more suitable, after the novice period, choose the type of self-configuration. Therefore, when choosing e-cigarettes, we need to pay more attention to the choice of atomizers. As long as this aspect is selected, we can deploy suitable host products according to its needs, and it will naturally not be difficult. Of course, for the old players, they can configure the appropriate type of e-cigarette according to their own ideas, and there are more ways to play.