Electronic cigarette solution, electronic cigarette solution, MCU solution development, master IC solution development

2020-12-15 11:30:48

Electronic cigarette solution Electronic cigarette solution MCU solution development Master IC solution development

Electronic cigarette solution board: RC-1333S temperature control can be customized according to customers

        1. Rated working voltage: 3.20V—4.20V for single-cell lithium battery.

        2. Quiescent current: Connected to atomizer≤300UA, unconnected to atomizer≤5UA.

        3. Load impedance: load 0.2 ohm to 3.0 ohm with constant voltage power 7W-50W adjustable output.

        4. Output mode: constant power output 7W-50W adjustable.

        5. Smoking mode: touch the switch to output in the current setting mode.

        6. Upright ⁄ Upside Down Mode: Press + and-at the same time.

        7. Lock mode: Press the smoking button 5 times to lock the machine and then 5 consecutive times to unlock it.

        8. Power setting: Press the +⁄- key when it is between 7W and 50W. Each time you press the +⁄- key, the power increases and decreases. Long press the +⁄- key to increase or decrease quickly.

        9. Smoking time limit protection: the time of inhaling a cigarette is longer than 10s, and the output is forced to close.

       10. Battery reverse connection protection: When the positive and negative poles of the battery are reversed, the controller will automatically enter the protection without damaging any components.

       11. Over-temperature protection: When the temperature of the voltage module circuit is higher than 120°C, the output will be turned off and the OLED screen will display the overheating character and automatically wait for the temperature to fall below

  Exit at 120°C.

       12. Low voltage alarm: When the battery power is lower than 3.2V, the battery symbol on the main interface keeps flashing to remind the user to charge in time.

       13. Charging method: USB charging, voltage 5V, current 1A, the battery symbol is displayed during charging, flashing in the form of a marquee, when the battery

  When the battery is fully charged, the battery symbol does not flicker and remains on, indicating that the charging is complete, and the charger is disconnected and the display goes directly to the dormant state. You can smoke during charging.

       14. Organization short-circuit protection: When the output terminal is short-circuited and the resistance value of the test load atomizer is lower than 0.2 ohm, press the smoking button to automatically turn off the output.