Smart Bluetooth padlock solution, one key to open a new smart life

2020-12-11 17:15:39

The smart Bluetooth padlock is embedded with a specific Bluetooth smart chip. The traditional padlock is upgraded to a keyless smart padlock. It is used in conjunction with the "Bluetooth Padlock" APP. The mobile phone is the key and uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology to control unlocking. Low power consumption, low cost, and more secure Intelligent. Smart bluetooth padlock solution, Shenzhen smart padlock solution provider, please consult customer service for price details of bluetooth padlock solution

The smart Bluetooth padlock can be unlocked through the mobile phone. The Bluetooth low energy technology is used to establish a Bluetooth connection between your mobile phone and the padlock to control the items you want to keep. One mobile phone can control multiple locks, and one lock can also support multiple types. Mobile phone control makes it easier and more convenient to use. Support Android and iOS two mobile phone control systems, covering most mobile phone users. It supports mobile phone Bluetooth automatic unlocking, password unlocking, fingerprint sensor unlocking and other methods. It is no longer stuck to the traditional key unlocking method. You don't have to carry the key with you when you go out. The Bluetooth padlock saves you worry and trouble.

Bluetooth padlock unlock mode selection:

①Automatic unlocking mode (this mode is the default mode, after waking up the lock, it will automatically unlock within the Bluetooth range.)

②Manual unlock mode (that is, the user can unlock the lock by clicking the unlock button on the APP.)

③Password mode (Users can unlock the lock by clicking the unlock button on the APP and entering the password.)

④Fingerprint mode (only for smartphones with fingerprint recognition function, fingerprints need to be recorded in advance.)

      Bluetooth padlock application scenarios:

      The Bluetooth padlock APP is safe and convenient to unlock and meets the needs of users. The Bluetooth padlock APP can be used in a wide range of daily scenarios, such as: door locks (home door, warehouse door, truck door, etc.); car locks (electric car locks, bicycle locks, motorcycle locks, etc.) Etc.); private cabinet locks (drawer locks, lockers, suitcases, tool boxes, etc.).