Early education intelligent robots accompany children to learn AI high-tech video story machine manufacturers new toys

2020-12-11 17:13:43

Early education intelligent robots accompany children to learn AI high-tech video story machine manufacturers new toys

Function introduction: voice intercom, human-computer interaction, parent-child education, family group chat, music on demand, voice recognition, encyclopedia, massive resources, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, dialogue messages, popular stories, time query, weather broadcast, fast charging, You ask me answers, Chinese translation to English, etc... Most of the company's products can support ODM, and also support large quantities of OEM

Order method and payment delivery method

1. Payment method:

(1) Prepay 30%, the balance will be taken before delivery and the payment will be confirmed. After payment, delivery can be made.

(For customized customers);

(2) For non-customized customers, after payment is required, the company will uniformly arrange the delivery and give the order number for timely inspection. (large quantities can be paid according to method 1);

(3) You can pick up the goods and pay in cash at our company.

2. The above prices are excluding tax and special packaging prices.

(Customers who need to send on behalf can talk to us in advance.)

3. The above prices are ex-factory prices, excluding freight, and the quotation is valid within 1 month

4. If the quantity in stock reaches the requirement, it can be shipped immediately.

5. If you don’t know the product, please contact to send a sample and place an order after confirmation. The quality is no problem and you can place an order. The quality is subject to the sample!

(Sample fee is required to take samples.)

Purchase Notes

1. About win-win

      Buyers check after receiving the goods. If you have any questions, please contact the seller’s customer service in time. If you are unsatisfied, you can put it forward. Everyone cooperates for a win-win situation. We will try our best to satisfy you. If there is no communication Directly give the middle and bad reviews, we will consider it as malicious and initiate a complaint! And cancel all after-sales service

2. About express

      Our express delivery defaults to YTO or Jiayunmei. Logistics such as Debon, Baiteng, etc., are all cooperative express delivery. If there is a more convenient express or logistics in the buyer's place, please contact customer service before ordering.

3. About rework

      Products sent for repair should be marked with a sticker indicating the reason for the defect and determined to be a product of our factory. Because wholesale products cannot be controlled to 100%, individual defects will accumulate to a certain amount and then returned together for replacement and repair. The freight is paid by the buyer (it will be cheaper), and the postage meter will be exchanged for the product when ordering. If no further purchase is required, the buyer's postage will be returned by transfer. We don't accept any return shipments paid on delivery, and you don’t have to send it back in the case of individual problems. This kind of situation will not be accepted. We hope you can understand that we don’t need to waste money on postage.

4. About customer service

     If you fail to respond to your inquiry in time, it may be because the amount of inquiry was too large or the system failed. For urgent matters, please contact us by phone. The store contact information is valid.

5. About receiving

      Please open the express or package before signing for the buyer to check whether the goods are damaged, missing, or incorrect; the risk of damage, missing, or incorrect items is borne by the seller (before the buyer signs for receipt); delivery (after the buyer signs for receipt) The buyer bears the responsibility, and the seller is not responsible for the above risks; if it encounters a situation where the package is first signed and then opened for inspection, the buyer should ask the courier to supervise on the spot and open the package for inspection; if any inconsistency is found, it should contact the seller in time and sign the receipt Fill in the details and ask the courier to sign for confirmation.

6. About inventory

     The inventory quantity displayed on the Internet is in fact to express the factory’s production capacity and supply needs. There are stocks, but because the factory is geared to a large number of customer groups, the products may sometimes be in short supply. You can contact the seller before placing an order. Determine the delivery date.

7. About delivery time

     Goods in the normal warehouse can be shipped before 6 o’clock on the same day, and orders after 6 o’clock will be shipped the next day. If there is a shortage of products or products that need to be reproduced, the delivery time after communicating with you shall prevail. .

8. About shooting

     The products are all shots in kind. Due to lighting problems, they may not be 100% close to the actual color. For those who have particularly high color requirements, take them carefully. Or you can choose to take samples before placing an order.