Bluetooth electronic cigarette PCBA solution development

2020-12-15 11:04:59

Bluetooth electronic cigarette PCBA solution development

Until today, e-cigarettes have become the first choice of smokers at home and abroad, so what kind of improvement can smart e-cigarettes bring to the majority of users?

The Bluetooth smart e-cigarette is based on the original e-cigarette, adding the Bluetooth function to realize the Bluetooth connection with the mobile phone. Through the smart phone APP:

1. Smoking/quit smoking plan:

Users can customize the time to set the number of smoking times (Once the number is exceeded, the e-cigarette will not be able to light up successfully), so as to reach the smokers who want to quit smoking;

2. Cloud health control:

Upload personal smoking records to the cloud server to obtain health management suggestions;

3. Record smoking history:

You can set the time of the e-cigarette to synchronize with the time of the mobile phone, count the data of each smoking in real time and upload the data to the cloud, and you can see your personal smoking habits accordingly;

4. Smoke control function:

According to personal smoking preferences, set the amount of e-cigarette smoke and the amount of e-liquid at will;

5. Electronic cigarette screen display and management:

You can check the power level of the e-cigarette through the mobile phone APP, and set a reminder value. Once the power is low, it will remind you to charge and clean;

6. Security reinforcement function:

The connection between e-cigarette and mobile phone is a unique match, unless the e-cigarette device itself analyzes, otherwise other third-party devices cannot be connected;

7. Secret security function:

As the name implies, it is password setting and password query to protect personal privacy;

8. Support upgrade and update

9. Provide a complete supporting APP

For smart e-cigarettes, an 80W Bluetooth e-cigarette solution based on Cypress PSoC ®4 low energy Bluetooth chip: GT-ELC80 is developed. The solution uses a Bluetooth SOC chip without external Bluetooth, which greatly reduces the overall cost!

Why choose our e-cigarette module?

■ MCU 48-MHz ARM Cortex-M0

■ 256 KB of flash

■ 32 KB of SRAM

■ Whether to support Bluetooth: Yes

■ Connection distance 30 meters

■ Maximum output power 60W

■ Whether with screen: Yes

■ Number of keys supported: up, down, and confirm

■ Size: 65(length)*18(width)*12.4(height) Unit: MM

■ Screen size: 11.5 (length) * 30 (width) * 1.3 (height) Unit: MM

■ Support atomization core prevention: 0.2-1.5Ω

Smart Bluetooth electronic cigarettes have the following advantages

1. Good human-computer interaction interface, rich visual settings, directly set the parameters of the electronic cigarette on the mobile phone interface, no longer use the small screen of the electronic cigarette and a few buttons to set various parameters.

2. E-cigarette manufacturers collect more user data and smoking data and information through the e-cigarette APP, helping e-cigarette brands to do more targeted marketing, and directly communicate with users to improve product details.

3. Use e-cigarette apps to promote new products, shorten sales channels, or directly sell consumables such as e-liquid atomizers