What are the international bluetooth headset program development companies?

2020-12-15 11:23:21

Who are the international bluetooth headset solution development companies?

Bluetooth headsets are loved by a wide range of users for their portability and multi-function operation. More and more users are accustomed to using or trying to use Bluetooth headsets. There are also many Bluetooth headsets available on the market. Some people who want to try to pick a Bluetooth headset for a try, feel that they don't know how to start. Some people are tangled with the brand, some are tangled with the style, there are also tangled with the parameters and so on. There are many brands of Bluetooth headsets with different shapes. In view of the different influence of the brand on each group, each group has different aesthetics and needs. I won't talk too much about the Bluetooth brand and the shape of the Bluetooth headset here. Here, the editor introduces to you who are the international bluetooth headset solution development companies?

Related article: "Smart Bluetooth headset processing solution" What are the international Bluetooth headset solutions? Bluetooth chips are integrated circuits that integrate Bluetooth functions. The outside mainly includes the radio frequency unit that receives and transmits signals. And the CPU unit for data processing, and the DSP unit for audio decoding. These secondary units form a magical Bluetooth chip. The rare chip solutions are:

1. CSR program The British veteran Bluetooth program has the highest market share and is most favored and recognized by European and American markets. The drawback is that the price remains high. It is not suitable for small businesses, so if you want to modify or customize the function, it will be more troublesome.

2. The TI solution is not done much in the market. At present, Xiaomi's Bluetooth speakers are only used for large customers, and small customers cannot be served. What are the Bluetooth headset solutions companies

3. Actions’ old-fashioned domestic solutions have good product features and sound quality. The disadvantage is that the solution providers are like good ones, and the small companies don't cooperate enough. It is difficult to find them to cooperate without certain strength.

4. The two programs of Vimicro and Airoda are also okay, but the sensitivity is relatively perfect.

5. Jianrong and Jerry, these two schemes are unable to improve the power consumption.

6. Ankai and Broadcom: These two have nothing to say, just cheap. But in practice, there are many software bugs in the chip itself, and it is very difficult to develop.