Total Netcom 4G Law Enforcement Device Overall Solution

2020-12-15 15:03:47

Total Netcom 4G Law Enforcement Device Overall Solution

An Introduction:

Based on design and research and development, we provide a complete set of mature solutions for hardware, firmware, and software of 4G law enforcement recorder products. The developed PCBA has low power consumption, high performance, stable performance, compact structure, high cost performance, and strong scalability. Advantages, to fully meet the needs of the market and customers, to quickly and accurately design different types of products for customers, increase product competitiveness, and at the same time have abundant industry chain resources, help customers quickly mass produce and market, and create more value for customers.

Unique core research and development technology:

1. Local and network transmission dual-channel audio, video, and image independent stream encoding processing technology;

2. Application of voice intercom technology in multiple scenarios;

3. TF card data encryption technology;

4. Data integrity protection technology;

5. Front-end face recognition and license plate recognition technology;

6. Support multiple sensors;

7. Intelligent image algorithm, wide-angle image stitching technology;

8. Special function modules can be quickly installed and developed according to customer requirements.

The development sample adopts 1.3GHz main frequency, quad-core, Android 6.0 system, 4G full Netcom, integrated WIFI/BT/GNSS receiving function, size: 90.3mm×49mm×4mm

Outstanding advantages:

1. Intelligent image algorithm: can support 180° super wide-angle lens, wider field of view and less distortion;

2. Integrate 4G real-time audio and video transmission, Beidou/GPS dual-mode positioning, dual-channel camera, point-to-point intercom, two-way intercom, group intercom and other functions in one;

3. Support 3G/4G smart phones and PC/tablet terminals, which can remotely control the front-end equipment's camera, video, recording, intercom, notification and other operations, and maintain communication with the front-end anytime, anywhere;

4. Adopt advanced image compression format to save bandwidth and small average delay;

5. It can be connected to an external camera and an external walkie-talkie;

6. Meet the various standards of GA947-2015;

Development Process

According to the customer's product functional requirements, mold characteristics, etc., direct mass production products are designed.

1. Demand custom form

2. Evaluate product requirements

3. Determine the research and development plan

4. Sign the project development contract

5. Product software, hardware, and firmware development, debugging, and testing

6. Prototype test

7. Small batch trial production

Customized content:

1. Appearance, color matching, signs, logo, switch screen, UI, firmware, built-in information, and accessory packaging, etc.;

2. According to the customer's product functional requirements, customize the product OEM or ODM, and special functional requirements;

3. According to the customer's different program customization requirements, the corresponding fee will be charged after the overall evaluation of the research and development difficulty and the purchase quantity.